6 Things to Ask Your Wedding Videographer Before You Book

Okay, so you've browsed the Internet, gotten recommendations from friends, scouered Instagram, and now you have a decision to make. Who are you going to hire as your videographer for your wedding? Before you sign the contracts and officially book, here are six things to ask your wedding videographer before you book.

1. How would you describe your style?

It's so important that your videographer's style matches with yours. You can get a feel for how they work based on their portfolio, but it's great to have them describe their style to you in words. If they can't nail down a style, or give a vague answer, they probably aren't entirely secure in their artistic vision. My style as a videographer is documentarian. This means that I approach your wedding day with the intention of capturing real authentic moments, as opposed to planning every single shot beforehand. I believe this is the best way to create a film that you will truly cherish for a lifetime.

2. What kind of audio equipment do you use?

All the best filmmakers know that audiences can oversee amateur visuals, but they will never forgive poor audio quality. When a film sounds bad, it's instinctually unnerving. That's why I invest in high quality mics and audio recorders to capture everything that was said on your wedding day. Vows, speeches, toasts, letters, and all the background sounds that really immerse you back in the day while watching your film.

3. When will I receive my wedding film?

All wedding videographers have different workflows. If they're highly experienced, they'll have a workflow that allows them to edit quickly. I understand that waiting months for your wedding film takes so much of the fun out of the process. That's why I guarantee that all my clients will have their films delivered within 30 days of their wedding.

4. What kind of music do you use in your films?

Music plays a huge role in setting the overall tone and emotion of the film. If you're an R&B fan, and your videographer uses a country song while you're walking down the aisle, that probably isn't the best fit for you. I allow my clients to pick one song of their choice to be added to the film. This could be your first dance song, or just a tune that means something to you as a couple. The rest of the film uses minimalistic background music to enhance the emotion, but not take away from the narrative of your vows, speeches, or other special words spoken on your day.

5. What kind of packages and add-ons do you offer?

All wedding videographers offer different packages and pricing plans. Some offer packages that include different hours, or a range of videos. Make sure there is a package that makes sense for you. I offer a Keepsake Film Package to all my clients, which includes all day coverage, and everything that comes included in your 5 minute documentary-style wedding film. I also offer add-ons that include entire ceremony recording, speeches/toasts recording, and second shooter options.

6. What about a second shooter?

Second shooters are assistant videographers that can capture additional angles and moments throughout the day. They are especially important if you want to capture the entire ceremony or toasts, or have a huge venue or guest count. I leave this up to my couples to decide whether or not they'd like to add another person to the wedding entourage.

Ask your wedding videographer these things before booking to ensure you'll have the best wedding film for years to come.

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