Why Invest in an Heirloom Photo Album?

Picture yourself 10 years from now. It's a special occasion and all your family is in one place. Somehow your wedding day gets brought up, and your niece or maybe your son wants to see your gorgeous dress and venue. You could scroll back 10 years on your Facebook page, or you could pull out your perfectly preserved heirloom album. Here are some reasons why you should invest in an Heirloom Photo Album.

Technology changes all the time

Remember when you'd get photos delivered on a CD? Now most laptops don't even have a CD or DVD slot. Technologies change constantly, but a high quality album will always stay the same.

Social media isn't a time capsule

Your Facebook and Instagram accounts may not be around forever. Case in point... MySpace, anyone? These platforms are fun ways to share and connect with friends, but they're not guaranteed to last.

Printing retailers are not made for printing photographs

Yes, you can go to Wal-Mart or FedEx, and they will offer photo albums and prints. The difference here is that most of these retailers use ink-based printing methods. This means that they are made by printing millions of tiny dots of ink onto paper. All heirloom photo albums use true photographic printing processes, meaning the images are developed onto paper using silver halide, just like in a darkroom.

Here's the difference between a ink-printed photo, and a true photographic print.

Lifetime warranty

All Heirloom photo albums come with a lifetime warranty because the manufacturers know these products truly last a lifetime.


I am proud to partner with a company that shares my values of sustainability and environmentalism. All cover materials used to make these Heirloom albums are sustainably sourced, either from private, vetted farmers or 100% recycled fibers. Learn more, directly from the manufacturers here.

Options, galore!

I'm talking about cover materials, including leather, suede, linen, and Japanese silk; over 50 color colors; personalized cameos, debossing, and engraving; completely customizable design layouts; page thickness; album size; and storage box options. All options are simply gorgeous, and are designed in a minimalist style to let your photographs stand out. You can make this album 100% unique to you and your new life partner.

The bottom line is this: Digital photos are amazing, but nothing replaces the magic of a physical photo album. It's the highest quality you can buy, and will absolutely last a lifetime.