The best thing about film is its unique ability to bring you back in time and relive your favorite memories. And I happen to believe your wedding day is one of the most important memories to keep frozen in time. 

My films are for couples who want something more than a moving photo album set to music. My films are story driven and use high quality audio of vows, toasts, and letters so you'll never forget what they said and how you felt. I work really hard to make my films unique to each couple, raw & authentic while still being beautiful & cinematic, and something you'll still cherish on your 50th wedding anniversary.

Indianapolis wedding videographer
Indianapolis wedding videographer

Hi, I'm             

 I studied film production in college, and work as a commercial film editor. Wedding film has called my name because it's one of the few days in our lives where we get to celebrate what I think is the best part of being human: loving someone and being loved in return.

Authentic. Documentarian. Cinematic

Indianapolis wedding videographer

A                               Approach

 As a videographer, I work really closely with your photographer. That means I won't take any more time out of your day to capture anything that isn't already in the photo schedule. Being a documentarian means that if a camera is in my hand, you can bet I am rolling!


All the details you've spent months making perfect,  plus all the little moments that you just can't plan. The real-life laughter with your favorite people on the planet, the excitement, the nerves, the tears of joy. All of it is captured.

Indianapolis wedding videographer

As you can tell, I am a firm believer in capturing real moments, but let's be honest, having a camera on you all day isn't always the most comfortable thing. That's why I think the most important part of my job is to make sure you, your fiance, family, and bridal party feel like they can be themselves in front of the lens. At the end of the day, you and your loved ones come before any shot-list or schedule I have. I go with the flow, stay out of your way, and I am here for anything you should need during your day. 

Indianapolis wedding videographer

                         wedding films

As with all good investments, the value of a wedding film also grows with time. It is a keepsake that your family will cherish for generations to come. When you hire a videographer, you're paying for more than a collection of images. You're paying for the moment when your daughter asks to about your wedding day, the ability to share the most special moments with those who may not be able to attend in person, and of course the celebration of your best friend and soon-to-be spouse.


1. Meeting & Consultation

2. All Day Coverage

3. 5 minute keepsake Film

4. Social media Teaser

5. Professional Audio

6. Editing & Custom Coloring 

7. set to any Song of Your Choice

8. Day-of Shot List

Investment: $2,500


Inquire for customizable a la carte add-on pricing


      -full ceremony


      -second shooter

      -DVD copy

Indianapolis wedding videographer
Indianapolis wedding videographer
Indianapolis wedding videographer
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Drop me a message to begin the booking process, or ask any questions at all! I'll send you more information with no pressure to sign until you're ready. I love what I do, and I cannot wait to meet you.

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